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Clipse and Pharrell On The Single “I’m Good”

11 Jun

This is the official single off of the highly anticipated Clipse album Till The Casket Drops, which is scheduled to hit stores late September. The track is produced by the Neptunes and features Pharrell Williams.

Clipse feat. Pharrell Williams- Im Good


The Handy Book of Artistic Printing

10 Jun

The Handy Book of Artistic Printing highlights a period throughout the late nineteenth century which is a largely forgotten¬†era of design history. During this period, letterpress printers, engravers, and lithographers challenged the standard mundane methods of traditional design by introducing the style known as “artistic.” This newly redefined style consisted of intricate borders, corner embellishments, and exotic imagery. This book examines and assesses the rise and the fall of the aforementioned elements in design history. Appears to be a very interesting read.

via Princeton Architectural Press

Mos Def performs “Casa Bey” on Jimmy Fallon

10 Jun

Mos performing one of the highlight cuts from his album “The Ecstatic,” which is in stores NOW.¬†Solid record, peep the footage.

How to Wear Patterns

10 Jun

Patterns are tricky but if pulled off well can render one a stylish look. However they should never be worn from head to toe, try pairing them with the basics for an appealing yet relaxed look. Peep the madras look and the seersucker alternative, both great looks for the warmer months.

“Sartorial Insight”