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Great Read

23 Jul

Aside from countless fashion magazines, assorted lookbooks, and my trusty sketchbook, one would also notice this essential element amongst my vintage coffee table. This book is a great source for anyone interested in the massive realm of fashion as well as its related components. The book provides great knowledge in the likes of fashion, photography, and design while offering keen illustrative elements through the usage of brilliant images. It is available at Barnes and Noble for only 10 bucks.

“To better understand the evolution of your craft, you must understand the history of your craft”

“Sartorial Insight”


The Handy Book of Artistic Printing

10 Jun

The Handy Book of Artistic Printing highlights a period throughout the late nineteenth century which is a largely forgottenĀ era of design history. During this period, letterpress printers, engravers, and lithographers challenged the standard mundane methods of traditional design by introducing the style known as “artistic.” This newly redefined style consisted of intricate borders, corner embellishments, and exotic imagery. This book examines and assesses the rise and the fall of the aforementioned elements in design history. Appears to be a very interesting read.

via Princeton Architectural Press

Evelyn Lemar’s “And Then I Woke Up” Novel

12 May

So as of late I haven’t been able to put this book down. I don’t know if its the interesting turn of events or the ever so eloquent imagery that this novel evokes. Whatever it is has me hooked. The witty novel is written by Evelyn K. Lemar of Drama Queen Publications. So if you are a reader and want to enjoy a very well constructed novel, I would highly suggest you purchase this book via Drama Queen’s website. The website also provides a summary of the novel.

To purchase and to view events visit Drama Queen’s website

Launch of First Issue of Intersection Magazine Germany

11 May

The first issue of what appears to be a very interesting magazine was released during the weekend in Berlin. Judging by the first issue, the mag seems to showcase a very profound savviness for futuristic vehicles, fashion, as well as technology. This issue features Pharell being photographed in Nigo’s domain in Japan, as well as Henrik Vibskov designing a car.

Images from Intersection MagĀ can be seen here via Higsnobiety