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Micheal Bastian Spring 2010

29 May

I put the fall line up a couple posts ago but the weather is really starting to heat up and I had to put my favorite summer line up for you guys.  Once again Micheal Bastian has got the right idea.  Some of these looks are for the evenings but there are plenty of beach and day looks as well.  Check it out!



Tom Ford’s Color.

22 May

Tom Ford’s color combinations are amazing. What really makes these looks happen are the contrast of pattern and color combined. The boldness of the color and detailed cut of the suit makes a statement.  Take notes thats how you do color.


Tom Kundig’s Mobile Huts

31 Jul

Very innovative mobile dwellings designed by Tom Kundig which are located in the rural landscape of Mazama, Washington.(Swipelife)

Half Buried Dwelling

13 Jul

This is an interesting abode indeed, its constructed by the architecture firm of PRODUCTURA in the hilly terrain of Chihuahua, Mexico. The home embodies a sunken design image of which was devised considering the desert climate that is prevalent in the locale of the dwelling. The heat gain during the day is combated by the white exterior of the home along with the thermal mass of the earth. This home seemingly exceeds functionality heights as well as aesthetics. Peep more images below.

Via Swipelife


100 Most Creative People in Business

27 May

Ahh man, back from a wonderful vacation in the DC area, so I do apologize as I haven’t updated the blog. Moving forward, creativity is limitless, it could possibly render you as the next millionaire inventor or one of the best jingle writers in the business. In my opinion those who grace this list, are those who possess a very powerful and enlightened way of thinking and in turn have created great impressions as well as influence in their respective fields. We should all maintain a progressive way of thinking. Peep the list below for the 100 most creative people in business.


Peep Fastcompany for more info